Zachary Quang Mills




About me

I am an American senior year IB student at the New International School of Thailand (NIST). I was born in Vietnam and raised both there and in Bangkok, Thailand where I now live. I used to speak fluent Vietnamese but lost most of it. I now understand daily Thai and am studying French in school.

I love to write

I have published a couple of op-ed articles in The Bangkok Post, the largest English language publication in Thailand. One is on my experience working at a hydroponics start-up in Singapore and how that changed my relationship with food and the environment. The other is on parent-teenager communication on drug use in the face of the emergence of legal cannabis in Thailand. Check them out here on my site! I also write both fiction and non-fiction in my spare time and am working on getting them published! 

Where I'm heading

Having finished a summer internship with a start-up in Singapore in vertical hydroponic farming, I am interested in studying environmental sciences in the future and getting involved in climate change activism and policies while I continue to write. I'm currently applying to universities in the U.S. to start in September 2024. Stay tuned! 

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